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Guided Group Meditations

What is guided meditation?

"During my Master Reiki certification, I finally found myself truly learning the natural process of meditation. I was able to learn how to properly meditate and was finally able to see the story I needed to see.  I learned during this process, I needed to share this experience and get education out about meditation and its true purpose!" 

Shauna - Reiki Master

Education is always a part of our guided meditation groups. Sometimes we go straight into meditation and other times we will discus first.  During these sessions, we talk about techniques that help us go into a deeper meditative state and allows us to achieve the ignition to our higher self.   Using guided imagery, we will take a journey into our subconscious and ultimate relaxation.  

We encourage journaling. After each meditation we will have a time to journal. We encourage crystal guidance.  Nothing is off limits.  If you are encouraged and enlightened by the use of crystals (We definately are!!!) then please bring them.  You can ask the Meditation Guide to bless your crystals before class too!  Reiki energy is a wonderful way to enhance crystal energy.

Each class is only $5 per person and usually lasts about 1 hour.  If you are unable to pay, please join us anyway! We want to share this gift we all have within us.

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